The Foundations of Biblical Unitarianism

Jesus is not God

Given here are 25 arguments that demonstrate Jesus is not God. These formal arguments are based on rules of deductive reasoning, not fallacious syllogism. Read More "Jesus is not God"

Biblical Christology

Biblical Reference Guide On Who Jesus Is (Christology) Read More "Biblical Christology"

Understanding Logos

Understanding the true meaning of the Logos in the Prologue of John Read More "Understanding Logos"

I am Statements

Who do you say that I am? Understanding how Jesus identifies himself in the Gospels Read More "I am Statements"

One Mediator

The essential humanity of the one mediator Jesus Christ Read More "One Mediator"

Biblical Agency

Understanding The Law of Agency - A Key Biblical Concept Pertaining to Christ Read More "Biblical Agency"

One God & One Lord

Understanding the distinction between one God, the Father, and one Lord, Jesus Christ Read More "One God & One Lord"

Form of God

Analysis of Philippians Chapter 2: Form of God is exaltation, not preexistence Read More "Form of God"

Bible Conflations

Refuting erroneous conflations of Scripture used to infer Jesus is God Read More "Bible Conflations"

Controlling Influence

Understanding what is the Holy Spirit - God's Controlling Influence Read More "Controlling Influence"

Evolution of Trinitarianaism

This article outlines persons and events surrounding the development of the doctrine of the Trinity Read More "Evolution of Trinitarianaism"

The Trinity Delusion

Dispelling the Delusion of the Trinity - Links to Brother Kel's Apologetics Read More "The Trinity Delusion"

The Oneness Delusion

Problems with Oneness Doctrine - otherwise known as Modalism or Modalistic Monarchianism Read More "The Oneness Delusion"